Tuesday, November 14, 2017

See the USA in Your CHEVROLET!

Among the most popular posts at my Facebook Movie Memory Time have been videos about vintage automobiles. From the 1930s thru 60s, Chevrolet produced dozens of cartoons, travelogs, comedies and documentaries about Chevys which were shown in movie theaters and schools. 

Movie Memories has compiled the best into one 2-hour DVD that would make a great present for all Chevy fans! Watch excerpts:

The DVD See the USA in Your Chevrolet may be purchased from Festival Films. Price is $20, postage paid. Contact Ron Hall at fesfilms@aol.com, or just send $20 via Paypal to that email. Here are the contents:

Dinah Shore: A GREAT NEW STAR (1953, 12m) Dinah hosts a long promo for the new Chevy models, while singing “It’s a Most Unusual Day” and of course “See the USA in Your Chevrolet.”

Gale Storm in HOW TO GO PLACES (1954, 11m) Gale Storm with her husband Lee Bonnell and their three young boys show you how to travel America ... in your Chevrolet!

14 Chevy ROADS TO ROMANCE (1949-52) Chevy tours the country in 3 min. color travelogs to the Twin Cities, Santa Cruz, Coral Gables, San Diego, PA Turnpike, San Luis Obispo, Narragansett Bay, Columbia River Highway and more. 

Easy Does It (1940, 9m) Chevrolet salutes the strength and versatility of WOMEN, and then explains how Chevy gear shifting makes it easier for weak women to drive cars.

3 Nicky Nome Color CARTOONS (1937-39) Nicky Nome’s CHEVROLET saves the day from pirates, Indians and knights in Peg Leg Pedro, Nicky Rides Again and One Bad Knight.

Tomorrow’s Drivers (1954, 11m) Grade schoolers taught to drive in miniature cars. Narrated by Jimmy Stewart.

Chevrolet: The Inside Story (1950, 12m) Body construction of Chevrolets.

Gift this DVD to every Chevy fan in your life! Just send $20 via Paypal to fesfilms@aol.com.

That's right, send $20 via Paypal to fesfilms@aol.com, or call Ron Hall at 952-470-2172. 

For anyone interested in Public Domain Films, please visit Festival Films website. 

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