Saturday, November 5, 2016

Movie Memory Time on Facebook

In February of 2016 I established a MOVIE MEMORY Facebook page. The link is at the bottom. At the suggestion of friend and partner Bob Campbell I called the page "Movie Memory Time." The term "Time" sets it apart, I think, as a special Activity that one might partake in with others. Watch with family and friends, during which brief period you each recall memories related to the film clip just watched. The questions or comments by me at the end also help guide a discussion.

Here is the introductory video I created for How Movie Memories Work:

Early Movie Memories that I put on Facebook were ones I had made in 2011 when I started the idea. These were pretty straight forward with 4 questions after the film to guide discussion. I did add a closing note to "Pause to discuss the questions" and also to "Like MMT on Facebook." Here is the very first MMT posted on Facebook. This was a new one I made up and includes the new ending:

Nine months later, here in early November of 2016,  I recently posted my 100th Movie Memory on Facebook. You can view the entire list HERE. I have several unexpected observations:

  • They have become more sophisticated. 
  • I often add fresh music over the questions rather than the pre-1923 ragtime themes. 
  • Most questions now appear over pictorial backgrounds. 
  • More humor. I try to make the first question more of a joke.
  • Often shorter in length. A movie trailer is all it takes to evoke memories.
  • They have become more fun to make up and take less time as well.
  • The recent pace is posting a new one every other day. 
  • I share each post with 10 to 12 other Facebook pages that I have joined.
  • More "Likes" (currently 330) transfers to more views per post. The most "People Reached" to date has been 1,330 for "The Big Four Monsters" which was trailers for Frankenstein, Dracula, Wolf Man, Mummy.

Although I don't get much feedback, I have become convinced that Movie Memory Time could become a popular fixture somewhere on the Internet. I would like it to become accessible to millions like the daily crossword puzzle or Sudoku, not just to watch alone but as an activity to share memories with others. I dream big like a daily MMT on the Yahoo home page in the right hand column under the weather and Yahoo News highlights. If anyone out there knows how to reach the bigwigs at Yahoo, Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc... Help me sell THEM the idea, before someone else steals it, renames and launches their own.

Here is the Movie Memory posted on Nov. 5, 2016, followed by my discussion of the film that accompanied the post on Facebook:

ROY ROGERS at Children's Hospital
This opening from "Song of Texas" (1943) shows Roy Rogers, Trigger and the Sons of the Pioneers entertaining in a children's hospital. It is a favorite clip of mine since it is so real. Roy was a true american hero who often visited sick children without fanfare, and Trigger too, right inside the hospital!
Each Movie Memory segment gives me a chance to share film clips like this. They remind me of my youth, of where I first saw the films, and of experiences I had in common with the onscreen events. This one reminds me of seeing Roy Rogers on TV as a kid. It reminds me of other childhood screen heroes. It also brought back a memory of waking up in a hospital bed from an operation to remove tonsils when I was only 4.
I hope MMT works in a similar fashion you. Film clips from the past do spark memories from long ago. Watch them alone or with a small group of friends so you can reminisce. Watch them with grandchildren so they can better know you, meet your heroes, learn a bit of history and have fun at the same time. Watch, Recall and Share the Memories.

Please visit and LIKE Movie Memory Time on Facebook.

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